Home remedies for toothache.

toothacheToothache, while making a great discomfort in the gums, often causes swelling of the face in the area. It is usually caused by a broken tooth or by caries. The best solution is to go to the dentist, but while awaiting the appointment, we can follow these home remedies that are effective in relieving toothache.

  • One of the actions that usually relieve pain, is spreading the base of the tooth that hurts us with olive oil.
  • It is also recommended to chew raw garlic, onions or parsley, as these foods can kill many bacteria.
  • Gargling with water or an alcoholic beverage also helps to relieve pain. Alcohol can actually help as an anesthetic. They can also be made with water and salt after every meal.
  • Put a cloth dampened with a chamomile tea can help relieve discomfort and reduce the swelling.
  • You can put on the tooth that hurts, a bag of green tea steeped.

But we again emphasize that if you suffer a toothache, it’s best to go to the dentist as soon as possible.